Our Story

Venture through the halls of the Lakes of Paducah and you’ll discover a home filled with enthusiasm, compassion and a natural zeal for living. From the activities make available, our staff knows the transitioning from one season of life to another can be challenging. That’s why we work hard to make life enjoyable for residents, while also offering state-of-the-art services that make the move easier for the residents families.

“We take on the responsibilities that children of residents are often unable to, for any number of reasons.” Executive director Shannon Livingston says. “This ultimately gives the children peace of mind that their parents are being cared for the way they should be. We strive to take care of their parents the way they would take care of their parents.”

The Lakes of Paducah is anything but ordinary. Our apartments offer grand accommodations, walk-in closets and screened-in porches, without a high price tag. The Lakes of Paducah is independently owned and operated, which results in owners and staff taking pride in our local reputation and working hard to provide the quality of care our residents deserve and desire.

We offer transportation, as well as monitoring services which ensures that our residents’ medical, social and other ongoing lifestyle needs are being met. Residents enjoy a comfortable level of independence, which allows them to try new activities in an inviting, friendly environment.