Medication Reminders Essential for Vitality

Medication Reminders are a part of the ADL’s (activities of daily living) that we provide to our residents at The Lakes of Paducah.  We feel that this is a crucial factor in ensuring that our residents are thriving during their later years of life! As we have said before we focus on the LIVING at The Lakes of Paducah!

Medications are essential for the care of seniors. When used appropriately, medications are effective treatments for acute and chronic conditions. Pain relievers, for example, help a person with arthritis to button his shirt, or a woman to feed herself.

The benefits of medications invite potential hazards like toxicity, adverse drug reactions, interactions, other adverse reactions.

Yet, a substantial number of assisted living residents depend upon medications for treating short-term and chronic illnesses. 85% of the residents require assistance with management of their meds.

The medicines dramatically improve a resident’s quality of life.

If you have a loved one in assisted care, you know that these seemingly trivial things can go a long way in preserving dignity and independence. On the flip side, mixing up or not taking prescribed medications can severely impact a senior’s health. Take note of the number of medications and whether they are prescribed by several physicians. Risk of taking the wrong medication increases with a higher number of medications or doctors. Check to make sure the medications are not expired. This could indicate that your family member has not been keeping their regular doctor’s appointments. Moving to an Assisted Living community can help prevent potentially devastating mix-ups and make sure your family member is attending their scheduled appointments.

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