How To Know if Assisted Living is Right For You

How to know if Assisted Living is right for you, or your loved ones? This is a question that many are faced with and have very little knowledge of where to start.  At The Lakes of Paducah we offer assistance to help make this decision easier on everyone involved, to understand which fit is best for the family as a whole.

It’s tough to acknowledge that our bodies become slower and less agile with each passing year. It is even more difficult to watch the same thing happen to members of our family. Maybe Mom doesn’t take walks like she used to or Dad can’t mow the lawn anymore.

It may be tempting to just pass these things off as a normal part of aging, but sometimes the best thing we can do for our families is acknowledge that there is a problem and help get them the assisted living services they need to remain safe and independent for as long as possible.

Our community not only feels like home, The Lakes is home in every sense of the word. For those who could use a little help with day-to-day activities, The Lakes of Paducah offers the optimum balance between care-giving and life enrichment, all within a warm, elegant setting.

Our residents are invigorated by the many activities that are offered on any given day. Families are always welcome to visit and to join in our adventures, excursions and celebrations—or to just spend a little private time with loved ones whenever they wish.

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