A Unique Perspective From Working Various Jobs

As I sit and try to ponder the many different reasons why I love my job here at The Lakes, I always find myself coming back to the term family. I myself have worked in just about every position in our community, except for the kitchen. When I started working, I was simply a Resident Assistant, helping the residents with every day tasks. Although, in doing these tasks, I was becoming part of their every day life.

I was usually one of the first people they saw in the morning, and I was there throughout most of their days. I learned their eating habits, their likes and dislikes, and the way they preferred things. There are many ways in which caregivers connect with their residents, I myself always find myself connecting with them on an emotional level. The fact that my residents know that they can trust me with anything, and that I will do anything to make them happy, makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. When residents can trust you, it makes caring for them easier.

We encourage family to join us any time they can, but we also understand at times it just isn’t possible. We also have resident’s that really don’t have any family at all, just close friends that are there when they can be. When the residents don’t have those around, they depend on us. One good thing my mamma raised me with was a big loving heart, and enough to share with everyone! I take pride in knowing that I can be one that the residents can depend on. Not only is it a joy to make the residents happy, but the family is always happy knowing that someone is always there caring for their loved one.

Talking with my residents, has always been one of the best parts of the job to me. The things that you can learn from your residents are endless. Many of our residents have served and fought for our country many times. The Depression was another factor while they were growing up, a time when food was hard to come by, and money was rarely seen. Still as I walk through the doors, the residents always have a smile and a warm greeting to follow.

Since I have been with The Lakes, I have moved up, and I have gained management title. Although this does not mean the job has changed. Not only do our residents needs take priority, but also the growth of our community. As most know, we are a privately-owned company, therefore we do not have a big corporation standing behind us. When we have family members come in to look for their loved ones, they are always amazed by the things that we do, and the amenities we provide for our residents. This is where I feel I can really connect with the family. I believe that I can speak for every employee at The Lakes, when I say that our residents are our family. In our eyes, its not a hassle to help them with tasks and provide them with care. These residents have lived their lives, and they have carved a path for us to continue for our children. They have done their duties, and they have put in their work for this world. This time that they have now is for them, and it is nothing but a pleasure to help them continue to achieve their independence for a while longer.

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